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· 24/7 access to healthcare provider by text, email, phone and video (insurance will be billed for any care received).

· One consult monthly for skin needs.

· One consult monthly for body needs.

· One consult monthly for hair needs.

· One time genetic testing and analysis.

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· Assigned a concierge doctor.

· 24/7 access to concierge doctor and team by text, email, phone and video (insurance may be billed for care received when applicable).

· One time full evaluation by nutritionist.

· One time full evaluation by  therapist.

· One time full evaluation by  fitness trainer.

· One time genetic testing and analysis.

· Comprehensive health program developed by CURE, to be executed for the year.

· Wearable or medical monitoring device sent to you-data to be followed to aid in your health program.

· Coordination of all prescriptions, testing and outside appointments.

· House calls where available.

· Unlimited consults for skin, body and hair.

· Unlimited use of spa amenities at our Malibu location.

· Full membership perks:  

   · 10% off all products and    services.

  · 10% off all additional visits      with our experts in all fields.

 · Monthly newsletters.

 · Access to private facebook community.

 · Access to private webinars, podcasts and live steaming for behind the scenes action and education. 

 · Members only events.

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Dr. Lisa Benya

Founder, Board Certified Physician

Dr. Lisa Benya is a Board-Certified Physician who functions as founder, developer and acting director of CURE.

Dr. Benya has been working in the medical industry for over 10 years, practicing for over seven of those years at CURE Malibu Medical. The general medical practice was purchased in 2003 from Dr. James Allen after working with him in the clinic for 3 years. It had been an existing medical practice for 15 years prior to the purchase.

During Dr. Benya’s career she also built a spa in a perfect territory for a medical spa. Dr. Benya’s unique approach to preventing and solving medical problems, along with her people skills, are a perfect fit for building the client-base for CURE Spa Malibu and seeing it through to success.

This established family practice quickly began expanding. Her training in internal medicine allowed her to immediately broaden the scope of the practice to include more difficult, serious, and chronic conditions. Dr. Benya is a staff member of both St. John’s Hospital and Encino Hospital which enables her to care for patients in the office as well as in the hospital.

Following Dr. Benya’s own personal interest in beauty and cosmetics, she became certified in all non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The cosmetic portion of the business filled a need for beauty services that the Malibu community demands. As she watched the power that outer beauty was having on inner well-being and happiness – and the impact that inner health has on one’s outer being – Dr. Benya began to explore the world of spa as another means to health and started CURE with her husband.

CURE offers complete medical care, for people of all ages and with all health concerns. From preventative yearly physicals to routine maintenance of chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol to emergency care for trauma resulting in broken bones and lacerations – CURE provides the most comprehensive plan to health and wellness available. Dr. Benya provides care both online, and in the office setting as well as the hospitals (St. John’s and Encino Hospitals), managing every medical issue from beginning to resolution.
Lyn Rowbotham, MA

Certified Life Coach: Positive Psychology Coaching

Available at: CURE Concierge What is positive psychology coaching? The basic premise of positive psychology is that human beings are often, perhaps more often, drawn by the future than they are driven by the past. Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi (2000) define positive psychology as “the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing on multiple levels that include the biological, personal, relational, institutional, cultural, and all global dimensions of life.”

Research has shown it is possible to help suffering people by building their strengths. In addition, prevention researchers have discovered strengths act as buffers against mental illness. The strengths that represent major strides in prevention include: courage, future mindedness, optimism, faith, work ethic, hope, honesty, perseverance, and the capacity for flow and insight. Positive psychology is concerned with three issues: positive emotions, positive individual traits, and positive institutions. Positive emotions are concerned with being content with one’s past, being happy in the present and having hope for the future. Positive individual traits focus on one’s strengths and virtues. Finally, positive institutions are based on strengths applied to better a community of people.

Positive psychology coaching will help clients identify and build on their strengths, develop a stronger core self, become empowered, resilient, hopeful and more connected to their community of support and growth. Lyn views all of her clients as unique, creative and capable individuals. Everyone is given unconditional positive regard and she meets them from where they are in life. By using a collaborative, versatile and solution focused approach, Lyn assists clients in developing a life they may have only dreamed about.

Lyn holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Art and Painting, a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is in the final stages of completing her PhD in Psychology. For over 13 years Lyn has worked with addiction recovery, stages of life challenges, improving relationships, anger management, stress, finding new meaning and purpose, launching careers, and improving personal and professional growth. Lyn works with young adults, individuals, couples, families, artists, and executives while following the professional ethics and guidelines that are designated by the International Coaching Federation.
Johnathan Gale


Available at: CURE Johnathan Gale has revolutionized the hair industry with a never ending commitment to perfection and beauty while balancing the possibilities of hair color with the maintenance of healthy hair. Now, Johnathan has taken that passion for beautiful hair and created a line of inspirational health and beauty products that are truly transformative.

Years of technical experience, intense creativity and an affinity for the transformative qualities of color and light on hair, are just a few of the reasons why Johnathan Gale has become a master in the art of hair coloring. Johnathan has enjoyed a highly successful career in both the UK and the US that includes high-fashion editorials and the most sought after advertising and celebrity clients. Johnathan is undeniably the go-to colorist to the stars, having worked with notable personalities such as: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Garner, Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, John Travolta and Charlize Theron.

In addition to being a top colorist to the stars for all of their red carpet events, Johnathan’s most striking achievements have been in film. Devoted to the art of creating perfect hair color, Johnathan invites the challenge of working cinematic themes and parameters of film’s lighting into his ultimate vision. In the film world, Johnathan not only changes the color of an actor’s hair but he also contributes to the creation of the characters for such luminaries as Claire Danes, Michelle Williams, Diane Keaton, Jennifer Garner, Heath Ledger and Matthew McConaughey. Johnathan is a true professional and teacher who focuses on balancing the possibilities of hair color with the maintenance of healthy hair.

Growing up in the center of London, Johnathan was able to develop his creativity at an early age. He began an apprenticeship at eighteen with famed hair colorist Daniel Galvin, whose salon was the first to put hair color on the industry map. His life was suddenly transformed when given this opportunity. From then on, he sought only to take his newfound craft to higher and more challenging levels. Early in his career, Johnathan began collaborating with famed hairstylist Sam McKnight. His genius for hair was soon discovered by some of the best photographers, including Bruce Weber and Steven Meisel. as well as one of the industries best hairstylists, Guido. Meisel and Guido soon began to use Johnathan for Italian Vogue’s most iconic covers. It is this collaboration in particular, which continues to this day, that typifies Johnathan’s commitment to perfection and beauty. Johnathan’s skill and talent soon led to him to the world of television, where he began producing signature styles for the BBC and notably for the legendary Brideshead Revisited Series. An actor/actress couple, Susan George (who played the lead in the film Straw Dogs), and husband Simon McCorkindale (of the television series Falcon Crest), played a pivotal role in Johnathan’s burgeoning career. He was invited by the couple to come to Los Angeles, where he a found wealth of inspiration in California’s golden light. It was in California that he really began to explore the mutable nature of light on hair, and it is this intense and life long passion that makes Johnathan a colorist in a class all his own.
Susan Henry

Natural Colorist

Susan Henry is a world-renowned hair colorist and stylist who has over 35 years’ experience in Hollywood and Beverly Hills and an exclusive clientele. She has worked as the premiere colorist at top salons like Jose Eber, Prive, Umberto’s and more. Susan became ill from exposure to toxic substances in hair color and products and began researching the hazardous effects of ammonia on the body. After a few more years of coloring, she was no longer physically able to color hair using the products on the market, and had to take a sabbatical from her thriving business. Susan spent the next few years developing a safer color line for herself, her clients and the environment. She wanted an ammonia free color that would be more natural, but would still provide the quality results she expected from professional color lines. She is now the creator and proprietor of Susan Henry’s Natural Color Process, and Magic Lightener, two lines of color products that are ammonia free and use more natural ingredients – yet still achieve professional color quality results. Magic Lightener is a blue-based highlighter that counteracts orange, lifts up to 10 levels, and is infused with lavender and argan oil. In 2007, Susan opened a a chemical free salon in Beverly Hills called Shades, that was in operation for 10 years, using NCP and Magic exclusively. Susan developed a world-class clientele with professionals, celebrities, and executives. Susan is now focused on meeting the ever growing demand for NCP and Magic Lightener. She travels all over the country meeting with salon professionals to teach about the danger of what is in many products on the market, and the benefit of using her products which are just as effective as professional hair colors, but better on the hair, the colorist, and the environment. Susan is available to new clients and to meet with professionals. She has a great team of colorists using NCP and Magic Lightener all over the country.
Julian Bahch


A European trained master colorist, Julian Bahch enjoys a local and international following as well as a fiercely loyal clientele for the past 20 years. Like a true artist Julian is precise when it comes to formulating the most becoming of hair color for his clients.

Recipient of a best Stylist award for four consecutive years, Julian is devoted to the art of creating the perfect color and is always inviting the challenge of working with cinematic themes and parameters to finalize his ultimate vision. Julian has the unique ability to be keep hair color consistent for photo shoots and film, delivering very specific color request to his large celebrity clientele. In the film world Julian has contributed by changing the hair color of actors into creating the desired characters. His signature look is based under the philosophy that hair color and highlights should enhance a look without drastically changing it.

With his freehand technique of balayage Julian creates natural looking, sun-kissed highlights that like he says “It should look like you have spent a summer at the beach, not 3 hours at the salon”. Julian’s unique color formulations make his brunettes clamor for a more progressive color design characterized by rich color at the roots, to a more luscious caramel tone at the tips of the hair. He believes redheads should have vibrant copper-gold tones for that head turning hue, as a result becoming highly sought out among celebrities and executives.

“Hair to me is like the canvas a painter uses to express his art. I enjoy the challenge and ultimately the transformation.”
Burton Machen


Burton Machen has established a name for himself in the beauty industry. For the past 25 years, Burton has been styling and cutting some of the best-known tresses in the entertainment business. His skill has allowed him to travel the world, styling for television shows and photo shoots with the likes of Sheryl Crow, Kelly Lynch, Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, Barbara Streisand and Vogue’s famed editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Getting his start in New York, Burton was Frederic Fekkai’s personal assistant before joining the Peter Coppola Salon. After a switch to the West Coast, Burton worked at the cutting-edge Sally Hershberger Salon in West Hollywood and later moved to The Salon by Maxime in Beverly Hills. In 2009, Burton again teamed with Sally Hershberger, flying to New York once a month for his East Coast clientele at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger in New York City. Now coming full circle Burton is back at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles as of Jan 2018 and Sally Hershberger at Cure Salon and Spa in Malibu on Wednesday’s as of May 2018.
Suzy Morris


Specializing in Balayage highlights and the Brazilian Blowout, Suzy Morris prides herself on creating truly natural, sun-kissed looks for blondes. She understands how skin tones, eye color and natural hair textures and tones are all important considerations when assessing her clients. Suzy uses rich browns with whips of caramel that makes her brunettes’ locks sparkle. And she loves to punch up red tones with a burst of copper giving her clients hair a vibrant kick.

Suzy applies a “less is more” approach to both color and Brazilian Blowouts. Whether she’s striving to create low-maintenance, ready-to-wear styles or glamming her A-List celebrities she truly understands the science of color. Combined with her creative vision Suzy knows how to formulate to create gorgeous color and stronger, smoother, healthier hair.

After graduating from UCLA, Suzy trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and then moved to Manhattan’s fashionable Midtown to study color with the renowned Sam Stith and Doug Macintosh. She successfully refined her skills under the tutelage of one of Hollywood’s finest colorists, Nancy Braun.

Suzy sees clients in West Hollywood and Malibu at CURE Salon & Spa, in New York at John Sahag’s Workshop and in Manhattan Beach at Aqua Salon.
Michelle Valrey


Michelle Valrey is our Lead Esthetician at CURE Malibu. She has been in the skincare and beauty industry for over 20 years and is also a massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue and sports massage. Michelle’s strives to keep up on the latest trends and scientific research so that she can continue to give her clients the results and benefits they are looking for. She has extensive education in advanced peels, micro-needling, acne skin health and sensitive skin, which has given her a broad knowledge of all skin types and how to treat each unique issue. Sharing her knowledge and passion in anti-aging and skin health is extended in every clients session. Michelle signature facial is amazing and you will leave the spa red carpet ready….Starting off your :90 minute treatment with a micro-peel, then moving on to extractions (if needed), followed with a lymphatic drainage facial massage using unique natural blended oils, after she will soothe with oxygen and nourish your skin with specific serums chosen for you, finally you will enjoy :20 mins under the LED light with custom serums targeting your needs accompanied with a foot and scalp massage. All her treatments are results driven and relaxing. Michelle looks forward to meeting you in the near future.