Wearable Medical Device

Stay Connected 24/7

A ring that uses advanced sensor technology to connect with an app where your daily vitals are recorded and sent to CURE's team of trusted physicians.

You have trusted advisors for other important aspects of your life ... why not for your family's health care and wellness?

- 24/7 access to our medical, mental health, nutritionist, and beauty team.
- Visits can be in person or by telehealth.
- Coordination of healthcare - scheduling appointments, prescription management with medication delivery.
- Monthly meeting with your health coach.
- 1 Complimentary Session with any of our experts, ie, Massage, Facial, Blow Out, Personal Training, Yoga or Psychotherapy.
- Member pricing on all additional services, and products.
- Annual members receive a health wearable device that captures essential and vital health metrics.
- Our medical team evaluates your health data, and form a strategy for a healthy lifestyle.
- Use medical insurance for medical care received when available.

Membership is an automatic renewal. To cancel you must submit in writing 30 days prior to the cancellation date.
$1,000 PER MONTH
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