About Us

CURE Daily is a medical wellness center that offers a unique and sophisticated combination of services that integrate both classic medical and new world holistic expertise for a pioneering approach to absolute health. Our wellness center offers stunning ocean views with a full salon, spa and med-spa services. Amenities include the full menu from Nobu's Malibu, ocean view patio cabanas, private locker rooms, steam room, cryotherapy and infrared sauna. 

CURE was established in 2007 in Malibu by a doctor and patient seeking to find a cure. Leaning on tried and true Western practices and exploration of alternative therapies, a solution was found and CURE emerged celebrating the value of both. Founders Dr. Lisa Benya and Michael McCauley have delivered unparalleled treatments for exceptional health, allowing CURE to achieve tremendous growth as a result. Dr. Lisa Benya and Michael McCauley make it their life’s mission to help others in finding their own unique cure. 

Doctor Co-Founder | Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician |
MEDICAL Director of CURE -Dr. Lisa Benya
Patient Co-Founder | Chronic Lyme Disease Patient |
CEO of CURE -Mike McCauley

We also offer complete medical care, for people of all ages and with all health concerns.  From preventative yearly physicals to routine maintenance of chronic medical conditions  Ask about our concierge medical comprehensive plan to health and wellness available.

Dr. Benya provides care both in the office setting, house-calls and at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, managing every medical issue from beginning to resolution. Uniform care with CURE.

CURE Mission Statement

CURE is committed to offering life-changing services and products to achieve a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle for each of its members. CURE looks not only to provide an exclusive experience, but also a higher quality of life. 

CURE Guiding Principles

  • Our core business beliefs and practices are based on solid medical training
  • We will only offer the safest, leading, evidenced-based products & treatments
  • Customers can trust our treatments, products and staff
  • Everything we do is driven by the customer, for the customer
  • We will continuously seek out the most innovative treatments and products
  • We strive to maintain a healthy state of body and mind