Club CURE Membership

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$1,000 Per Month

* Full access to CURE and our master medical, health and beauty team.
* 24/7 access to medical care led by Dr. Lisa Benya specializing in internal medicine - visits can be in person or by Telehealth.
* 24/7 access to your personal concierge coordinator.
* Monthly meeting with our health coach or master in any one of our departments: Medical, Mental, Nutrition, Fitness, Skin Care, Body Care and Salon.
* Consultations with masters: Therapist, Nutritionist, Med Spa nurse, Skin Specialist, Hair Experts, Certified Massage Specialist - visits can be in person or by Telehealth, are always complimentary.
* House calls and office visits are available with certified healthcare professionals.
* COVID testing in office or at home, with immediate results available from our lab.
* Coordination of all aspects of healthcare-scheduling appointments, prescription management with medication delivery when available, storing and transferring of all medical results.
* Access to CURE's network of top specialist around the world.
* Ability to use medical insurance for medical care received when available.
* Global affiliate discounts.
* Member pricing on all CURE services, products, courses and events.
* Members only events.

Membership is automatic renewal. To cancel you must submit in writing 30 days prior to cancellation date.